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Registration for our fall 2019 program is now closed

Looking to take your running to the next level in 2019? If so, let our exceptional coaching staff, pace groups, educational clinics, and training plans help you meet your goals.

The Fleet Feet Bloomington 10K Training Program is designed to prepare runners for their first ever 10K or help seasoned runners meet a new performance goal. Our 10K program graduation race is the Canal Connection 10K on Sunday, November 3.  However, you can also use these programs to train for another race or just to run for fun with great people.

There will be an optional informational session on Thursday, September 12 at 7:15 p.m. at the store. Come learn more details about the program to determine if it is right for you.  Our program kick-off and first workout will be Tuesday, September 17 at 5:30 pm.

Program Details:

When: Weekly group training runs will be at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays 

Where: The group will meet at Fleet Feet Bloomington, Tipton Park, Rosa Parks, Jersey Hill and other places around town. Participants will receive a program calendar that highlights where the group will meet each week as well as weekly email reminders.

Program Costs$70 per participant. Cost for this program does not include registration for the graduation race.

 As part of this Fleet Feet Bloomington Training Program, you receive:

**A training program and calendar with workouts provided
**Twice a week runs with coaches and mentors in a variety of pace groups
**The camaraderie of others with the same goal!
**Educational clinics on training principles, hydration and nutrition techniques, proper running form, and more
**Dedicated support from coaches and mentors to answer individual questions and help motivate you on your training journey
**Group newsletters and access to coaches via email during the week
**Program technical shirt and other great swag
**A Gear-Up Punch Card for participants with special discounts
**Facebook group for participants only and access to a training program graduates Facebook group after program completion


For more information please email Store Owner Julie Sibley (julie@fleetfeetbloomington.com)



Here's what past program participants have to say about our 10K / Half Training Programs:

"Completing a half-marathon had been a goal of mine for a few years, but solo training didn't work well for me: I would get injured, I would get discouraged, I would go out in the baking Midwestern sun to run 8 miles and think, "This is the dumbest idea I ever had." And then I would give up. I was hesitant about signing up for the training program but it was a great decision. I really enjoyed the training and I am so grateful to the mentors who said, "You can decide later if it's a dumb idea. For now we're just going to finish the run together." Their encouragement was a huge part of my successful half-marathon finish. I will absolutely do another Fleet Feet training program in the future. - Jamie Smith

"When I started the program I could not run 2 miles straight. By the end of it I was about a 13 min pace and could run 6.2 miles straight!! Even though I was one of the slower runners in the program I never felt like I wasn't part of the group. I am now officially a member of the Fleet Feet Family and I love it. Thank you for giving me back my confidence and encouraging me along the way. I could not have done it without this program."  - Amanda Geil

“After going on a couple of fun runs at the Fleet Feet store I decided to go to a meeting about the half training program. I remember being nervous about running in the cold, but after joining the group I can honestly say it was money well spent! When I started running with Fleet Feet I had only trained indoors. After running outdoors for 12 weeks with the fleet feet crew I can't imagine running anywhere else. My endurance increased, my time improved greatly. I learned the proper way to warm up and stretch after runs. I can't say enough about how Fleet Feet changed my life for the better.” - Gisette Brewster

“I started a year ago in the program called, "From the couch to the 5K". And that is what I did I got up off the couch and ran a 5K. I'm 54 and I ran my first 5K. Then my second, third, fourth and fifth. Then I trained for my first 10k. I know how this ends...I run off into the sunset. But I will be well trained, mentored, properly hydrated and in good form. God bless the Fleet Feet Family. They are making miracles happen.”

“This program is incredible! I was able to meet a goal time I never thought was ever possible. Also, through this program, I have met great people that have become friends and running buddies.” - Bree Nord

“I have been training or mentoring with Fleet Feet Sports since they opened. Their training programs started me running and encouraged me to continue running. I've met and exceeded goals that I never dreamed I could achieve three years ago after I ruptured my Achilles. I learned something new with each program whether participating or mentoring. And the people I have met through Fleet Feet are amazing. They make running fun.” - Julie Riggs

“18 months ago I rode the couch. 12 months ago I joined No Boundaries and ran my first 5K. I joined NoBo II in the spring and then mentored a NoBo.  Last week I completed my first 10k and have committed to train for the half-marathon in the spring. I am not crazy or a glutton for punishment. I run because Fleet Feet training program helped me discover for myself that I am a runner. Don't tell anyone but I plan on doing a full marathon in two years. Last year I didn't think I could run 3 miles. Today I know I'll be able run 26!”

“I am a new runner and the Fleet Feet training program was my first training ever. I felt very comfortable with Fleet Feet staff and mentors, as if I'd known them forever. I learned so much from them! I can't wait to sign up for my next Fleet Feet training program.”

“I just can't believe the power of this program and encouraging another person in their goals. It is bigger than any one runner. I was so proud to see that MY teammates were the back of the pack at the half marathon. Because you know why they were at the back of the pack? Everyone else QUIT before the race even started! They weren't there, they were sleeping in or out to breakfast, or sipping coffee on their patio. Many people may think that the last finishers are slow and out of shape and any number of things--but I know that they are the strongest, most determined among the pack. And although I would not have chosen this injury and did not run that race on Saturday, I feel so thankful that I got a glimpse of the enormity of that moment! Fleet Feet, their program and their people, got these people to the finish line and helped them meet their goals! Personally, I would get really excited and a little scared about the hill runs and the long runs. It was an exhilarating feeling to know that *I* could do that when it was complete!”

“This program really helped me to accomplish my goal, even far surpass what I thought I was possible of achieving! Not only was the workout plan varied and challenging but the people were too! Everyone pushed each other to do their best and know their bodies. I'm definitely signing up for more!”

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Program Start: In progress
Program Schedule: Tuesdays, Saturdays
Goal Race: Canal Connection 10K
Program Fee: $70
Description: Our 10K Training Program is designed to prepare runners for their first ever 10K or help seasoned runners meet a new performance goal. Our 10K program graduation race is the Canal Connection 10K on Sunday, November 3. However, you can also use this program to train for another race or just to run for fun with great people.

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