Virtual Shoe Fitting

How It Works
Even as COVID-19 spreads, we strongly believe running remains essential to a healthy lifestyle and can still be done safely following the CDC’s recommended social distancing measures. Running is at our core. And so we are continuing to serve our running communities in accordance with local and federal guidelines. To best serve you, we launched virtual shoe fitting appointments.  **We will reopen to in-store appointments on June 1 - click here for more info**

1. Schedule an Appointment
Click here to schedule your virtual shoe fitting. After you schedule your appointment we will email you a form to collect more information from your prior to your appointment. (This is not automated - it is a manual process so it won't be immediately after filling out the form.) You will receive an email or text with a link to join a Zoom video call when it is time for your appointment.

2. Join the Zoom Video Call
If you've been running or walking already, have your current shoes handy when you log in for your one-on-one virtual shoe fitting. If you're just getting started, be ready to talk about your current exercise routines and goals.

3. Talk Live With a Fleet Feet Outfitter
Through chatting with one of our shoe experts about your activities and current shoes, they’ll be able to help you identify your new favorite pair of shoes. If you’ve shopped with us before and used our fit id® 3D foot scanning technology, they’ll be able to pull up your most recent scan and review your shoe purchase history to personalize their recommendation even further!

4. Wear Pattern and Gait Analysis
Using the video features, the Outfitter will ask to see the tread on your current shoes to assess the wear pattern and ask to watch you walk so they can see how your body naturally moves through the gait cycle.

5. Shoe Recommendations
Based on your conversation, wear pattern and gait analysis, the Outfitter will introduce you to a few options they know you’ll love, and they'll help you pick your next pair.

6. Select Your Delivery Method
Once you’ve found your shoes, choose how you’d like to receive them. We can place an order and have them shipped directly to your house, arrange curbside pickup or same day delivery!

Click here to schedule your appointment today!

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