Chilly Chili


The Lake Run Club's
30th Annual Chilly Chili Run   

January 20, 2018 (Saturday)
1:00 p.m.
Green Gables - Lake Bloomington
4.5 miles - inner loop

First 3 Men and Women finishers;
Best dressed Man and Woman; and
Least dressed Man and Woman;
Receive a mysterious garment

All you can eat chili and free drinks. There will be a variety of road kill in the chili this year. Ranger Rick's been collecting it all summer and curing it in his shower. Expect an interesting flavor. No cheap crappy door prizes. Sissies need not apply. This race will be run regardless of the weather (since it is a certified DAR). There is a bounty this year on the Kennekuk runners. All runners over 60 must still submit an EKG with their APP. No dogs, cats, ferrets, unruly children or ruly children. No barfing on the course - except at Kirby and Kent's food (that is questionable) stop. Barf bags will be provided. Fullest bag turned in at finish line will be awarded an extra drink ticket. Same for the chunkiest.

As you know, the guy in the cow pants is AWOL but you never know when you will get a sighting on him. But the other idiots are still here, so come on out.

It's still eight bucks in advance and ten on race day. (for those of you who work in Systems or Data Processing, $8.00 in advance and $10.00 race day.)  
Questions? Contact Deb O'Rourke -

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